Dining Week x Mission

In week 7 we look forward to welcoming you to a very special experience. This week we participate in the popular restaurant festival Dining Week, which in a few years has grown into the largest restaurant festival in the Nordic countries.

Give your friends, girl/boyfriend or family a special treat with 6 of our signature dishes served in 3 servings - and even at the very reasonable price of only DKK 215.

1st serving:

Flatbread Labneh with eggplant and herbs

Buffalo cauliflower

Blue skimmed cheese cream with garlic chips and leaves

Chevice Tostadas

Sandwich with celeriac and crispy onions

2nd serving:

Pizza Mortadella - Pistachio - Mortadella - Mozarella

Tomato Linguine with Bronze Fennel

3rd serving:

Soft Serve Twist - home pasteurized milk as softice with crisp and soft

Please note that the number of tickets for sale are limited during Dining Week - so keep an eye out here when tickets are released!